Summer Wellness Tips with Spa Manager Simao Silva

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Staying at Le Sereno is a sensory experience in and of itself—a paradise of radiant sunshine, therapeutic views, and rejuvenating privacy.

Imagine, then, what kind of beachside bliss you’ll enjoy with the added indulgence of our private spa, Spa Le Sereno. Set to the backdrop of rolling waves, chirping birds, and the smell of fresh ocean air, this waterfront oasis fosters a state of relaxation beyond compare.

Here to preview this spa experience is none other than Simao Silva, Le Sereno’s spa manager and leading wellness expert. Read on to discover Simao’s recommendations for your spa treatments at Le Sereno, general summer beauty tips, useful do-it-yourself products, and much more.

How does Le Sereno’s surrounding nature inspire your spa philosophy?

Nature plays a key role in the overall Le Sereno experience and we’ve made it equally important in our spa program. Located directly above the sea and surrounded by the beautiful Grand Cul de Sac, our indoor/outdoor spa cabin is closer to nature than any other spa on the island and helps create a seamless connection between guests and the Caribbean Sea. From a wellness standpoint, this connection with water enhances the body’s production of dopamine—giving guests a heightened sense of movement, vitality, and pleasure.

What products do you use at Spa Le Sereno?

We recently established an exclusive partnership with Sothys—makers of some of the world’s leading beauty and spa products—and we couldn’t be happier. They share our commitment to natural ingredients and we use their products for all our treatments, be it a massage, facial, body scrub, or otherwise. Guests will enjoy the multi-faceted healing properties of natural ingredients like sugar, coconut fruit, oil, and naturals shells—in the shell massage, for example.

What signature spa treatments are your top recommendations to experience at Spa Le Sereno?

For true relaxation in mind, body, and soul, my choices would be the Coco Massage with coconut drum rhythms, the Shell Massage with warm natural seashells, and our Aqua Massage set directly in the waters of Grand Cul de Sac.

The Aqua Massage is especially relaxing and I highly encourage it. This innovative treatment allows guests to float in weightless serenity while enjoying the finest in massage and wellness techniques. It’s an exotic method for relieving muscular pain and joint tension and one that you won’t soon forget.

  • Le Sereno Spa & Ligne St Barth
  • Le Sereno Spa & Ligne St Barth

What’s one thing most guests of Le Sereno may not know about the spa?

We’re lucky enough to have a physical therapist on staff with a master in soft chiropractic techniques. This allows us to offer a selection of services that are otherwise unique on St. Barths, including a deep tissue stress release and a therapeutic massage.

What products from Spa Le Sereno do you recommend guests use in their own wellness routine at home?

I highly recommend the Sothys Delicious Body Scrub, a product I believe everyone should be using at least once every week.

Skin is our biggest organ so it’s important to keep it fresh, vital, and free from old toxins. I also recommend our natural sugar peeling, a great alternative to the many peeling products out there containing toxins.

What are your top beauty and wellness recommendations for warm weather and summer?

Because the sun and sea dries your skin, it is always important to nurture your body with the right nutrition. Fruit and vegetables are of course beneficial—especially those that contain Vitamin A, like apricots and carrots—and I also recommend a daily spoon of coconut oil. Last but not least is drinking lots of water, an obvious suggestion but also the most important when outside in high temperatures and sunshine.

We also have several treatments here at the spa that are perfect for summer. One such service is the body detox, which help you release the toxins you have in your body and prepare you for a nice and fresh holiday in the sun. And should you need some treatment after too much sun exposure, we also offer a soothing sun treatment—using natural clay, aloe vera, and melon to helping your skin relax and recover.

Do you have any suggestions for natural, do-it-yourself skin and beauty techniques?

Fleur d'Oranger oil is a perfect natural supplement after a shower, as it will moisturize your skin and add radiance. The perfume also has a calming effect.

Another great natural solution is aloe vera. This is a truly magical plant and it can help calm and disinfect your body both inside and out.