Seaside Sanctuary: Private Villas at Le Sereno

Luxury vacation villas have taken St. Barths by storm in recent years and it’s easy to see why. What better way to enjoy one of the world’s most exclusive destinations than staying in some of its most private accommodations?

Let your imagination take flight as we preview what many regard as the islands’ finest accommodation of all: the luxurious private villas at Le Sereno.

Elegant design to inspire the senses

  • Villa at our St. Barths Resort
  • Villa Le Sereno Livingroom
  • Villa Le Sereno Bathroom

Christian Liaigre’s award-winning design permeates every facet of our luxury villas, capturing both elegance and simplicity in one seamless vision. From the laidback living areas to the sleek kitchen to the modern decor, this is the beachside hideaway you’ve always dreamed of. Relax and unwind in an inspiring style that is quintessentially Liaigre.

Tropical beauty as far as the eye can see

  • Le Sereno Grounds
  • Villa Pool
  • Beach Views of St. Barths

Living in a private Le Sereno Villa means always being surrounded by some of the finest scenery on the island. Each private room directly faces the ocean, creating a stunning panorama over Grand Cul de Sac, St. Barths’ dramatic coastline, and the shimmering Caribbean Sea. Not a bad sight to wake up to…

A paradise of privacy

  • IMG_2825
  • Villas_PCarreau_17
  • Le Sereno Pool

Complete and utter privacy is the focal point of any stay in Le Sereno Villa. Tucked away on the island’s peaceful northeastern shoreline and sheltered from any unwelcomed distractions, these exclusive residences offer a true Caribbean retreat. Guests can escape into a seaside sanctuary with nothing but sunshine, moonlight, and pristine surroundings.

Le Sereno at your service

  • Villas_PCarreau_29
  • IMG_0718
  • S.Lancrenon
  • IMG_0708

The signature service of one of the island’s preeminent hotels is just a few steps away when staying at Le Sereno villas. Should you desire a special service during your visit—in-house dining, housekeeping, concierge, spa treatments, water sports, private beach, and much more—our gracious staff is here to help. It’s a combination that sets you apart from any other residence on the island: the service of a five-star resort and the privacy of a luxury home.

A spacious hideaway worthy of the occasion

  • Villa Le Sereno Dining Room small
  • Celebrate at Our Luxury Resort in St. Barths
  • Villas_PCarreau_25

With over 7,000 square feet of living space, Le Sereno villas cater to every occasion imaginable. Three indulgent master bedrooms—all with private entrances—a luxurious kitchen and bar, and a spacious pool terrace make it a versatile home away from home but also the ideal space for a tropical get-together. Invite your friends and family and let the celebrations go long into the Caribbean night.

Idyllic outdoor spaces for ultimate relaxation

  • COS131108_StBarths_0324
  • IMG_3654 (1)
  • ls-pcarreau-421
  • Villa in St. Barths Beach Resort

No need to leave the comfort of home to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The villas at Le Sereno feature a completely private upstairs terrace, pool, and garden—perfect for unwinding amidst the island’s radiant sunshine and amazing views. A glass of wine, a gentle breeze, and a vivid sunset… Life doesn’t get much better.